Why Your HVAC Needs Its Own Circuit Breaker

It can happen in older homes across the Front Range. Your air conditioner turns on, and it trips the circuit breaker. Goodbye, cool air, and possibly the electricity within that room.

Circuit breakers are designed to keep you and your home safe. When your house was built, it was zoned into specific areas. Wiring was installed in grid format. When too much power is sent to one section or grid, it trips the circuit breaker, cuts power, and protects your home.

Now think back to when your home was built.

A home built in the 1950s wasn’t designed for our modern way of life. Nor was a home built in 1980. Even 2000 was way before technology took over our entire way of life, impacting all we do with smart technology. The IoT – internet of things – is changing everything. And your older home may not be built to handle it all.

When the HVAC turns on, does it occasionally trip the circuit breaker? Has it done it more than once? Don’t keep resetting it and assume it’s okay. It’s sending you a message.

Are you listening?

Why Your HVAC Needs Its Own Circuit BreakerHVAC equipment should never be on the same circuit as other equipment. It should have its own dedicated circuit. But even if it is on its own dedicated line, it still might be causing power failure. It can do this for several reasons.

Part failure – as your equipment ages, parts wear out, systems fail. Depending on what part goes bad, it can trigger a break in the power connection. Fixing the part may cure the issue. If not, it may be time for new equipment.

Overheating – overheating equipment is one of the most common reasons for emergency repairs. The compressor might overheat if the motor isn’t functioning right. If there’s too much resistance in the fan, it can generate a lot of heat. That overheating may trip the circuit breaker as a warning your equipment has a problem.

Maintenance – when you have your equipment inspected at the start of the season, technicians ensure your refrigerant is at proper levels, air filters are changed, and parts aren’t worn, cracked, or leaking. This gives your equipment new life, and ensures you move into the season without problems.

Do you have an older home? Is your HVAC equipment on a dedicated circuit? If not, now may be the time to make some adjustments, to ensure you and your family stay safe throughout the year.

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