What’s The Difference Between Variable and Multi-Speed Blowers?

For your HVAC equipment to operate, a blower system is used to move both heated and cooled air around. Old technology meant your HVAC equipment was either on or off. It ran and released conditioned air out through the vents, or it was off, sitting idle until more conditioned air was needed.

With today’s technology, you have more options. What’s the difference between variable and multi-speed blowers? Which is suitable for your needs?

What’s The Difference Between Variable and Multi-Speed Blowers?How a blower works in an HVAC system

The concept of a blower is relatively easy to understand. It’s the critical component inside an HVAC system, for both heating and cooling needs. When either unit turns on, it’s the blower that sends conditioned air throughout the duct system, allowing your home to be properly conditioned to the desired temperature.

The blower consists of a blower motor and fan – the motor provides enough energy to turn the fan blades, which in turn pushes conditioned air throughout the vents.

The traditional HVAC system had a fixed speed blower system. That means the unit is either on or off, delivering conditioned air or sitting idle waiting for the system to turn on. They work well and require minimal maintenance. However, the main disadvantage is comfort. You get a blast of conditioned air when the system registers the home is no longer at the appropriate temperature, and then once it’s achieved, it shuts down airflow altogether.

That means you are either overwhelmed with a blast of warm or cool air, or slowly lose comfort as the room heats up or cools down. Then the process starts all over again.

Multi-speed blowers

These blowers feature two or three different fan speeds, which in turn create better airflow. That means you won’t have the noise of a furnace that works at full capacity while blasting air, but instead will have a quieter system that slowly adjusts based on needs. Because this type of system spends more time at lower speeds, keeping temperatures steady, it also ensures a higher level of comfort, and lower utility bills overall. You won’t feel the need to adjust the thermostat because of comfort.

Variable speed blowers

These are some of the most advanced technologies on the market today. Variable speed fans have more levels to ensure your space stays at the desired temperature. They move air throughout the living space and use filters to control air quality. Because they work more with technology, they are also one of the quietest systems on the market. If you’re looking for long term performance and energy savings overall, you’re going to love what a variable speed blower system does for your home.

Which system is right for your needs? There are a few differences between variable and multi-speed blowers. To find the right HVAC system for your home, let’s explore the differences together. We can help you make the right choice to suit your needs.

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