4 Benefits of Upgrading to Smart Home Automation

Thinking of remodeling or renovating your home in any way this year? Chances are a lot of it will make your home more energy efficient, as well as add in smart home automation.

Smart home automation provides a wide variety of practical benefits. It can help you take more control over how your home operates, alert you to potential problems, and keep you and your family safe all hours of the day. You can also create a more comfortable environment you enjoy no matter what the weather is like on the outside.

Still, smart home automation can be a little intimidating. Smart technology is expected to grow to a 1.6 trillion dollar business by 2025. But what does that mean for you?

4 Benefits of Upgrading to Smart Home AutomationMore flexibility

Smart homes are designed to make your life easier. They give you control over everything in your home in easy ways. Want to adjust the comfort level of the room you’re in? You can do so with a swipe from your phone. Or maybe you wish to incorporate more convenience into each room without sacrificing aesthetics. Smart home automation is doing that as well, hiding controls in plain sight. How about smart mirrors that can be activated and give you everything from today’s weather report, to being an instructor in a gym.

Peace of mind

When was the last time you left home and worried if you locked the door or turned down the heat? With smart technology, you can check on everything through an app. You can easily adjust any appliance you choose, even pull up reports to see how efficient your equipment is.

More energy efficient

We hear about energy efficiency every day, and it’s something we all strive for in our unique ways. You recycle. You’ve upgraded your car. You’ve purchased new appliances. But how much is that really doing? Smart home automation can help you take it to the next level. It can help you figure out the best temperature for your home to ensure comfort as well as energy savings. It can also give you the chance to save when you’re not at home, and adjust it right before you return. Studies show you can save as much as 40 percent of energy costs simply by converting and using smart home technology.

Customize your home

Smart home automation also allows you to customize your home to meet your needs. You can create custom tracks for sounds, lighting, and more. You can choose when to operate smart appliances according to your schedule. It can create the right temperature in every room of your home, depending on your needs. It can even plan for different days, knowing you spend your time differently during the week than on the weekends.

Are you ready for more smart home automation in your home? Let’s talk. We can show you just how easy it is, and help you fall in love with your home a little more.

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