Why Is My House So Cold?

Whether you’ve been away from home and walked into a cold house, or have one room in your home that never feels warm, deep inside you know there’s a problem. Is it something you can fix yourself? Or is it time to call in an HVAC technician?

When your home was originally designed, ductwork was installed throughout, bringing conditioned air to all corners of your house. But like everything, ductwork will only last for so long. Eventually, you’ll start to notice hot or cold spots, depending on the time of year.

You might notice other problems too. Noises. Leaks. Sometimes you can see the problem inside and out. What should you do?

Start with when and where the problem started

Why Is My House So Cold?If you return to a cold house, it could be a number of problems. Start with your thermostat – does it function? If it’s digital, are there numbers? It may be as simple as changing the batteries to kick it back into life. Once you check the settings and add fresh batteries, can you hear it connecting with your furnace? While today’s furnaces no longer have pilot lights that can blow out, there still might be a problem with the ignitor. Listen carefully; this will aid when you talk with a technician, to pinpoint where the problem lies.

The problem lies with one room or area of my home

If you notice one room or section of your house is always uncomfortable, more so when record cold sets in, it could be a problem with a vent or register. Inspect each of the vents throughout your home, but especially in the impacted room. Ensure none are blocked or closed. You can peer in and see if anything is blocking from the inside. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned, that may also be a consideration.

While some problems may be obvious, others can exist behind the walls. Has this room always been cold? It might be in the way your ductwork was installed. There might be a problem with the joints, or even how it’s connected up to the rest of the ventilation system. A complete HVAC inspection will allow one of our trained technicians the chance to evaluate how well your system is working, and where potential problems exist.

Stop problems before they arise

General maintenance is the best way to ensure everything in your home is in good working condition. When was the last time you changed out your air filter? Do you feel drafts coming from around doors or windows? Do you notice spots on your roof where the snow always melts faster than other areas?

Paying attention to how your home operates no matter what weather conditions exist will help you decide which maintenance items to handle next. A dry spot on your roof could indicate warm air in your attic is escaping through the roof. It could be a problem with leaky ductwork, or low insulation. One of our technicians can help you pinpoint the problem, and fix it to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

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