Easy Ways To Spot HVAC Problems Impacting Your Comfort Levels

If your HVAC system was originally installed and designed correctly, it worked at its optimal output levels. However, HVAC systems work hard over the years, and start losing its power as the years go by.

Not only does this impact your comfort levels, but it also degrades indoor air quality. It impacts how comfortable you are as you move around the home, and can also put your health at risk. Ever caught a cold and wondered if your home played a part? A poorly operating HVAC system can:

  • Spread dust, allergens, and other bacteria every time it turns on
  • Heat or cool your home excessively as the system is controlled by hot or cold spots
  • Produce inadequate humidity, which can create uncomfortable air supply, and lead to problems like mildew and mold

Easy Ways To Spot HVAC Problems Impacting Your Comfort LevelsHow do you know if your HVAC system is at risk? Look for:

Big changes in temperatures from room to room – this is one of the first signs of a bigger problem. Do you have a room that is always cold or warm? Do you adjust your thermostats simply to create a more comfortable experience in one area of your home? It could be a problem with your ventilation system. It might also be caused by a system that is too large for your space. Because it produces too much air supply, it turns off before the cycle is completed. That can lead to rooms that aren’t receiving a proper amount of air supply. It can also impact the quality of the air over time.

Rooms that feel too cold or humid when the air conditioner operates – if a room is reaching a set temperature before it completes its cycle, there might not be enough time to pull humidity out of the air. This can make the area uncomfortable as well as lead to other health issues.

Excessive air supply – do you consistently turn your thermostat up and down, trying to control the amount of air blowing into each room? While older technology was either on or off, new technology allows for variable speeds. This can help you stay comfortable, especially on milder days when you don’t need excessive bursts of conditioned air.

Noise, rattles, or odors – your HVAC system couldn’t do its job without a proper ventilation system. It’s often one of the most neglected parts because most of it is hidden behind your walls. Pay attention to changing sounds, or smells coming from the vents every time your system runs. It could be a leak or crack in the system, debris, or other problems living and growing deep inside.

The best way to keep your HVAC system working its best is to schedule a maintenance visit at the start of each season. Before you turn on your furnace in the winter or air conditioner in the summer, assure it’s working well. You’ll be more comfortable, and assure the air supply is cleaner for your family’s health too.

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