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Why Are Your Energy Bills So High? Duct Leaks

Your utility bill is rising, costing you more each month.

You set the thermostat at the same temperature as last year, but this year you’re uncomfortable.

Is it your furnace or your air conditioner? Is it time to replace your old equipment?

There might be another reason why your energy bills continue to rise. It might be your ductwork.

Why Are Your Energy Bills So High? Duct LeaksDuct leaks can result in wasted energy. Yet homeowners rarely think of their ducts when looking for solutions. Have you noticed any of these problems inside your home?

Hot or cold zones

Is there a place in your home that’s always warmer than the rest? Or a room that’s the coldest place in your house? It causes you to turn up and down the thermostat, depending on where you are.

Rising energy bills

Costs seem to be rising on everything these days, but if you’ve noticed a rise in your utility bill without a logical explanation, it may be a duct leak. How old is your furnace or air conditioner? Have you recently made repairs or tuned it before the season started, yet you’re still experiencing higher costs? All signs point to your ducts.

Ineffective heating and cooling

When you first turn on your furnace or air conditioner, it takes a while to impact the rooms in your home. But if the equipment continues to operate and you never feel comfortable, it might be a duct leak.

Excessive dust

Because you use a gas-forced air system, it circulates conditioned air throughout your home via ductwork. A leak in the ducts will allow more dust to settle inside, and blow this dust around the system and out the vents, where ultimately it will settle on your furniture.

While homeowners often think about upgrading furnaces and air conditioners to improve efficiency, ductwork is often put aside and only considered as a last resort. Ductwork can and will go bad over time. They have a lifespan of up to 20 years before they need repair and replacement.

When was the last time your ducts were inspected? Are they helping heat and cool your home, or are duct leaks becoming a bigger problem in managing efficiency throughout your home?

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