Caution: These Things Might Damage Your Ductwork

If you’ve started to notice your home doesn’t heat or cool the way it once did, you might assume it’s your furnace or your air conditioner that are to blame. Often, there’s another problem that homeowners rarely consider, your ductwork.

Because ductwork exists in places we can’t see – in a crawlspace, an attic, or behind drywall – we often think they can’t be damaged. When you can’t see them, they often are more at risk of allowing minor problems to grow into big ones before realizing there’s an issue. What can damage your ductwork?

Improper installation

One of the most common rebuttals we hear from homeowners when they find out there’s damage to the ductwork is: but our house is new. Not all ductwork is installed correctly the first time around. If installation is handled by someone without proper training, your house is at risk of a problem. Track houses are notorious for problems because the “rinse and repeat” process often misses minor issues that turn into big deals. If you’re having heating or cooling issues and your house is new, a professional can determine if the ductwork was installed correctly.


Caution: These Things Might Damage Your DuctworkEven if you can’t see the ductwork, it still is impacted by age. Ductwork won’t last forever. Over time, the metal moves, expands, and contracts every time it turns on and off. This can wear out joints, cause leaks, and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system.


While we as homeowners try and keep our homes tightly secured, animals, rodents, birds, and other pests are looking for ways in, and occasionally find it. When they gain access to the ductwork, it can create a problem that hinders function. It can reduce airflow, or open up the ductwork to moisture and other elements. If it dies inside, you’ll notice it quickly as the smell moves quickly throughout your home.


Modern ductwork is made from metal. Rust can occur when uninsulated metal has moisture and condensation form during summer air conditioning season. Rust can eat holes in the metal and cause leaks, which impact proper airflow.

Do you have damage to your ductwork? If you’re reading this, you might have questions about the quality of your ducts. Let one of our professionals evaluate your ductwork and determine how well they are functioning. It can help make your HVAC system more efficient.

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