What’s Causing Low Airflow From Your HVAC?

Thanks to the latest heatwave that made its way through our region, you might be thinking twice about your HVAC system. Why are certain rooms colder or warmer than others? Why can you feel the airflow in one room, and barely notice it in the other?

What’s causing low airflow from your HVAC? Is there something you can do about it?

What’s Causing Low Airflow From Your HVAC?First of all, realize that low airflow isn’t a normal part of heating and cooling your home. If your HVAC system was installed correctly, and you have the right system in place, it should be more than ample to handle the job effectively.

Then realize that common airflow problems are usually caused from one of several things:

Blocked or closed vent

Have you ever shut the door trying to separate a warm or cold room from the rest of the rooms in your home? Have you ever shut a vent to try and control the flow of air?

The HVAC system is designed to work at its best when the entire system is flowing correctly. If a vent is blocked or closed, it can cause the system to work harder than necessary. Walk around your home and ensure all vents are flowing correctly, moving furniture and drapery as necessary.

Dirty ducts

You might not have to clean your ducts regularly, but there are times when cleaning them should be added to your to-do list. Have you recently remodeled your home? Do you notice more dust than usual? Does a family member have a lingering cold or allergies? All could be a sign something is lingering in the ductwork. Have it professionally cleaned to ensure your HVAC is working at its best.

Dirty air filter

Having a properly operating system starts with ensuring the equipment is working correctly. The air filter should be changed out regularly to keep the air flowing. At a minimum, change out the air filter at the beginning of each season. If you have a busy household, or have pets, consider changing it out more frequently.

Leaky ducts

Like the air conditioner and furnace, your ductwork will only last so long before the joints wear out and leaks develop throughout the ventilation system. Leaky ducts allow conditioned air to escape and move into places it shouldn’t be, which causes a less than efficient HVAC system. If you still have room at uneven temperatures, consider having the ducts evaluated to determine if they are compromised.

Diagnosing airflow problems can be difficult at best. For more information, contact one of our technicians and have them perform an energy audit to determine if your HVAC system is operating at its best.

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