5 Reasons Your Monthly Heating Bill Is Too High

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. So you bump up your thermostat a couple of degrees to break the chill.

Then a few weeks later, an envelope arrives in your mailbox, and you discover your heating bill is too high. How did it go up that much?

Now what?

If you have an unusually cold month, your furnace is going to operate more than on one that is milder. But if you feel like not much changes in how much your furnace is used from month to month, there may be a lurking problem that is causing your skyrocketing heating bill.

5 Reasons Your Monthly Heating Bill Is Too HighThere are a few factors that can contribute to a higher heating bill.

Seasonal Changes

It is the top reason why your utility bill rises. December will be most costly than September because you’ll be inside, using your furnace more than in milder months. It comes down to activity. If you’re spending more time inside, and you’re not moving around enough to stay warm – hello, couch potato – your furnace will be used more.

Additional Laundry

In the winter, you pull out all kinds of things to stay warm. Layers to stay warm. Bulky sweaters that take up a lot of room in your washing machine. Extra blankets to pile on top of you while you sleep. Throws to stay warm while watching television. It takes energy to run your washing machine and dryer more. It’ll show up on your utility bill.


In the summer, you and the gang head out to play outside. In the winter, you gather at home. That means cooking more food and gathering around the table for long conversations. It means using more electricity as they stay late into the night. It also means more rooms in your home in use, which can increase the utilities you use every day.

Poor Insulation

Older homes start to settle from the moment you move in. You may have leaky windows and drafty doors. The attic insulation settles down, allowing heat to escape through the roof. All of that makes it inefficient to warm your home, which is reflected in how much you pay each month.

Inefficient Furnace

If your furnace isn’t operating correctly, it could be costing you money. Keeping it well maintained will ensure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. It’s also important to pay attention to technological advances. At some point, it makes sense to upgrade to increase efficiency. Newer technology can heat your home more effectively with lower monthly costs.

If you’ve opened up a utility bill that is too high for your lifestyle, spend a few minutes considering your daily actions. We can help too with an energy audit, to help you determine where even little changes can have a big impact on your comfort, and your wallet.

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