3 Dangerous Luxury Bath Products

Bathing scrubs, salts, oils, and bombs are all the rage as 2020 has been the year of self-care. The pandemic left many of us alone at home and without our normal stress-relieving activities, and people turned to the internet for DIY approaches to a typical spa day pampering.

Taking care of ourselves is more important now than ever, but make sure you know the risks, and how to use bath products safely so they don’t harm your plumbing or health.

Are bath bombs safe?

There is some back and forth on how bath bombs can affect the health of your family and the health of your plumbing. Some studies link active ingredients in bath bombs to increased rates of yeast and urinary tract infections, and food dyes commonly found in bath bombs can get into your bloodstream through cuts or irritated skin. Additionally, bath bombs with products such as glitter or flower petals can clog your drain and even pollute water sources.

Still, other experts suggest that your skin’s sensitivity can be the determining factor in whether or not you use bath bombs. Dermatologist Alok Vij, MD from the Cleveland Clinic, suggests using bath bombs sparingly and rinsing off after a bath to reduce your skin’s exposure to any chemicals.

Other Hazardous Bath Products

Bath bombs aren’t the only products that can be detrimental. Other popular bathing products such as exfoliators and oils can have a negative impact on you or the longevity of your plumbing.

  • Coffee ground exfoliators: Coffee grounds are a great natural exfoliator that is cited as brightening your skin and improving circulation, but they can also cause a mess in your plumbing. Coffee grounds that get washed down the drain can clump up in your drain and stick to other debris like soap, conditioner, and hair to form a soggy clog that may be difficult to clear.
  • Bath oils: Bath oils may moisturize your skin, but they also make bathtubs and showers slippery. Use these products very carefully if you live with anyone vulnerable to slips and falls, and make sure to rinse your tub or shower thoroughly after each use.

Knowing the danger is half the battle, and just because products may cause a risk doesn’t mean you need to stop using them completely. Use a stocking as a DIY bath bomb holder to prevent solid particles from flowing down the drain. Contact our professional plumbers at (720) 548-2770 for plumbing tips and services.

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