Make These HVAC Upgrades To Add Value To Your House

If you’re thinking of selling your home in a few years, you might have a to-do list to ensure it’s as marketable as possible. Every home buyer wants an upgraded kitchen and new flooring, but did you also know that your HVAC system matters? Certain HVAC upgrades add value to your home, and make home buyers choose to say: Yes!

Consider these HVAC upgrades to add to your house as you work through your to-do list.

Make These HVAC Upgrades To Add Value To Your HouseSmart thermostat

Remember when thermostats were just a simple knob you turned to adjust the temperature? Neither do today’s homebuyers. We’ve moved to smart technology in everything, including the thermostat. A smart thermostat will allow you to program different temperatures throughout your day, depending on your needs. It also allows you to track how efficient your HVAC system is, and make recommendations for ways to save.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Living in Colorado, you can’t help but notice the dry climate. But did you know that we’re one of the most likely states to have mold somewhere in your home? Humidity is something we rarely think of, but it is something your HVAC system takes seriously. Condensation from both your furnace and air conditioner can cause problems throughout your home. And when mold, mildew, or other issues arise, it can also impact your health.


Traditional HVAC systems might have two modes of operation: on and off. But with today’s technology, HVAC can operate based on the conditions of your home. Want a guest wing to be cooler? Have gym or workout space you prefer to use alone? Want the bedrooms a certain temperature, while living quarters to be more comfortable throughout the day? Welcome to a zoning system that allows you to regulate the temperature by zones instead of in an on/off way. This will enable you to control your energy costs while making your home comfortable based on the way you live. It’s also attractive to potential buyers, something that will push the “yes” vote in your favor.

Improved air filtration

While HVAC stands for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, a lot of people don’t think much about how proper ventilation works. Yet if anyone in your family suffers from respiratory conditions, or if you notice you’re sick more than normal, the best place to start is with your ventilation system. It starts with using the best air filter you can get for your furnace. But if you work with an HVAC technician, you can also make improvements such as with UV light air purifiers and whole-house air cleaners. Thanks to COVID, home buyers appreciate this added protection layer even more.

If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, these added HVAC upgrades for your home could be just what it takes to make a potential buyer say Yes!

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