How IoT Will Impact HVAC

A trip to your local hardware store will show you just how innovative we’ve become. The internet of things (IoT) is touching everything from your light switch to your thermostat. Have you invested in the latest technology?

It’s only natural that IoT would also impact the HVAC industry. The International Energy Agency states that currently, one-fifth of all energy consumed in buildings around the world is used for cooling in the form of air conditioners and electric fans. The more cooling technology grows, the warmer our client becomes, the more this demand will increase. IoT is one way to take this need and make it more efficient in our daily lives.

How IoT Will Impact HVACTo start, homeowners and business owners alike should begin by investing in a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will gather useful HVAC data and use it to track uses and demands over time. This can help adjust for comfort, make changes as necessary, and look for ways to save on both energy output and costs.

This is often a fairly straightforward task in a home, with people coming and going all day, and demand remaining relatively the same throughout the days.

However, this can be more difficult in large buildings where they may be unoccupied in the evening hours and over the weekends. The key is in increasing sensors throughout the building, monitoring needs, and adjusting accordingly. This isn’t an easy process, but it is one that smart HVAC systems are working on diligently as we move forward.

Smart HVAC systems are currently working on a variety of improvements to homes and businesses, in addition to creating conditioned air efficiently. They are also working towards creating a healthier environment, and reducing symptoms of sick building syndrome. IoT can allow managers to follow reports to determine when and where maintenance is needed long before it creates a problem. Technology sensors can help managers diagnose issues remotely without having to test the system, initiate maintenance protocol depending on the issue, and make repairs to save money and time.

Efficiency will be the key as IoT continues to be implemented in HVAC systems in both residential and commercial applications, giving you and building occupants the ability to stay comfortable year-round and the lost cost.

Have you integrated IoT into your HVAC system?

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