Do You Know How Much Energy Your HVAC System Is Wasting?

You’ve owned your home for years. Your HVAC system is several years old. It blows warm air in the winter, cool air in the summer. What could possibly be wrong?

For a lot of homeowners, the HVAC system is “out of sight, out of mind.” Yet if you haven’t paid attention to the individual components in a long time, your HVAC system might not be performing as well as it could. 

How much energy is your HVAC system wasting? There are easy ways to determine if your furnace and air conditioner are no longer performing at their peak levels. 

One room is cold, and one room is hot

This is one of the first signs people notice about an HVAC system that isn’t running at par. It can’t produce enough conditioned air to push it to every room in your home. The design, size, and maintenance of the air handling unit is responsible for distributing conditioned air to every room in your home. This is the inside unit attached to the ductwork that flows through vents and registers located near ceiling or floors. 

Do You Know How Much Energy Your HVAC System Is Wasting?

If you’ve always had rooms either too cold or too hot, it might be a size issue, where your equipment doesn’t work correctly for your space. If it’s a gradual decline in production, it might be time for a maintenance visit. Yearly inspections can determine if anything needs repairing. 

Your furnace or air conditioner runs and runs and runs

When your furnace or air conditioner are undersized, they can’t keep up with the demand. When you program in a specific temperature, your HVAC equipment struggles to give you your desired results. 

If your furnace or air conditioner worked well in the past, have you recently remodeled? Have you changed room sizes, or added a new wing out back? Your current equipment might not be able to keep up with the flow. And equipment that constantly runs is anything but efficient. 

You’re heating and cooling your whole house

In years past, having an HVAC system meant one furnace, one air conditioner, blowing conditioned air through the entire home. That can work well, unless you aren’t utilizing your entire home. Are there bedrooms you keep for guests? Entertainment rooms you only use on weekends? 

You can increase comfort and efficiency by moving to a zoned system. Zone HVAC equipment allows you to section off your home in zones. It gives you a chance to keep each zone at different temperatures, creating comfort in the zones you’re spending more time in. 

If your equipment is more than ten years old, or you’re finding yourself calling in an HVAC technician more frequently than before, it might be time to find out your options, and learn more about today’s HVAC technology. 

It can bring more comfort and efficiency to your life. 

How much energy is your HVAC system wasting? Do something about it today.

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