Why a Whole House Humidifier Is Necessary in Colorado

Summer is a beautiful time in Colorado: long evenings in the park with your friends and family, going to baseball games, and hikes in the mountains. Winters are beautiful too: ski trips to the mountains and watching the falling snow from inside your home.

But as beautiful as Colorado is year-round, it’s also one of the least humid states in the country. Unfortunately, dry air in your home can spell a number of issues for your family’s health, and for the comfort of your home.

One solution is to buy a portable humidifier. These small units can offer relief, and you may have used one before.

However, portable units only work for a single room. You have to remember to refill the humidifier with water. And purchasing one for every room in your home isn’t the most practical solution.

Whole House Humidifiers in Colorado

Another option is to have a professional install a whole-house humidifier. Here are five reasons why this is a great solution that can help your home stay comfortable year-round in Colorado’s climate.

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  1. It can help with respiratory health.
    Colorado may be beautiful, but have you ever gotten nosebleeds, sinus irritation, or a sore throat from the dry weather? Or have you ever woken up with a dry throat? All of these symptoms can occur when low humidity causes the sensitive membranes in your sinuses and respiratory system to dry out.
    You breathe best when there’s some humidity in the air to moisten these membranes. For this reason, it’s often recommended that you use a portable humidifier when you have a cold, or when you have trouble sleeping. But another option is to install a whole-house humidifier. It can help balance humidity levels in your entire home, and can help you keep your respiratory system healthy year-round.
  1. It can help your skin feel less dry.
    Washing your hands to stay healthy is important. Unfortunately, it can easily dry your hands out. And if your house is also dry, it can feel like your hands are destined to stay cracked and painful. A whole-house humidifier will increase the moisture levels in your home, and can help improve your skin’s health and moisture levels.
  2. It can help extend the life of your home.
    Ever wonder why museums are so highly temperature- and humidity-controlled? That’s because extremes in humidity can be harmful to surfaces over time. But it’s not just priceless works of art and ancient artifacts that can benefit from balanced levels of humidity.
    Consistent and comfortable humidity levels can help you protect your home’s hardwood floors, furniture, and the paint on your walls. Dry conditions can crack wood and paint. By having a whole-house humidifier installed, you can help prevent your home from prematurely aging.
  1. It can help control the temperature in your home.
    Humidity plays a surprisingly large role in how comfortable we feel in our homes. Low humidity can make your home feel colder than it really is in the winter. If you know that there are no issues with your furnace, and you find yourself frequently running the heater in the winter, a whole-house humidifier could help you feel more comfortable.
  2. It can help reduce static electricity
    Zap! It’s never a fun surprise to experience static electricity while folding laundry, climbing into bed, or even just wearing socks around the house. And if your laundry is still full of static, no matter how many laundry sheets you use, this is a sign that the air in your home is dry and could benefit from a whole-house humidifier.

Interested in the benefits of a whole-house humidifier for your own home? Contact Quality First Service Group’s air quality technicians today.

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