Breathing Cleaner Air All Summer Long – It Starts With Your HVAC

When you think about your HVAC system, you might think about heating and cooling. After all, your furnace and air conditioner’s main jobs are to keep you comfortable no matter what the temperatures are like outside. 

But did you know your HVAC also has a big impact on the air you breathe? 

enjoying good indoor air quality in denver

In the middle of summer, and what is now considered to be fire season, breathing cleaner air is on the top of everyone’s mind. Will this be our new norm? And if so, what can you do to ensure you’re breathing cleaner air inside your home?

If you suffer from breathing difficulties, you already know that summer is one of the most dangerous times of the year. It can be bad outside, but what’s outside can make its way inside, making you and other family members vulnerable to airborne contaminants. 

There are many things that make their way into the air supply you breathe:

  • Allergens – it might be beautiful and full of life as you play outside, but it also brings out many things that impact seasonal allergies, such as ragweed and pollen.
  • Dust – dust is dust, right? Actually, what makes up dust particles can vary greatly. It can include human skin cells, human hairs, fibers from clothing, dirt tracked in, plant pollen, and more. 
  • Pet dander – if you have pets, pet dander is everywhere. 
  • Chemicals – these come in all shapes and sizes. You can find them on the new carpet you just installed. You’ll find them in the cleaning products you use every day. You’ll find them in the paint on your walls. You’ll find them in fumes as you’re cooking. And they can all impact your breathing. 
  • Biological growth – mildew, mold, and other bacteria can enter in a variety of ways. Once it’s there, it can impact the air you breathe. 

What can you do?

Start by scheduling an inspection of your HVAC equipment. Seasonal inspections can ensure the entire system is working properly, and the ventilation system isn’t circulating harmful air supply. It’s important to change out the air filter frequently, especially with so many contaminants inside the home. 

Upgraded filters can capture as much as 97 percent of particles from the air supply. If you haven’t considered what air filter you’re using, maybe it’s time you did. We can help you select the right one. 

There are also other ways to reduce bacteria, increase clean airflow, and make your home’s air supply better to breathe. How about a UV air cleaner to ensure more of the particles in the air supply are captured? Or updated ductwork to ensure chemicals, dust, and other debris aren’t making their way into your air supply?

It all starts with an inspection. Ready to see if you can make your indoor air cleaner? Give us a call today. 

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