What To Look For When Investing In a Home Heating System

If you were one of the many homeowners this year who spent any time without electricity, you know how important a home heating system can be. Your furnace may run with natural gas, but electricity is still needed to turn the burner on, and blow heat throughout your home using the blower fan.

On those coldest days of the year, you realize just how important your home heating system is. It might also leave you wondering if it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe your furnace isn’t heating as well as it once did. Maybe you’re wondering about efficiency. What would a new furnace do for your home? Is now the best time to invest in a new home heating system?

What To Look For When Investing In a Home Heating SystemBefore you make a purchase, consider these things.

Energy Efficiency

A lot has happened over the past decade when it comes to technology. Smart devices have significantly changed everything from phones to home appliances and more. If your furnace is ten years old or older, a lot has changed in efficiency. Older furnaces still get the job done, but they may be costing you more in the form of higher energy bills each month. The best way to find out how efficient your furnace is would be to locate the ENERGY STAR logo. It’s a seal of approval showing that it meets government standards to be energy efficient. Without it, you instantly know you’re losing energy every time your furnace operates.


Bigger isn’t always larger when it comes to your heating equipment. Instead of selecting based on size, it’s more important to ensure the unit matches what’s needed to heat your space properly. If a unit is too big, it reaches temperature too quickly and short cycles. It can’t properly condition the air, ensuring both the temperature and moisture levels are correct. A furnace that is too small won’t be up for the job, and will continually operate to try and keep up with demand. It’s best to get a professional opinion on which equipment is right for your home.

Maintenance and Warranties

While it’s important to look at the equipment, it’s equally important to think about longevity. What happens if you have a problem with your equipment? Contractors and installers will offer a guarantee on labor for installation. Warranties will cover the equipment for a certain number of years. HVAC companies may also offer maintenance plans, which ensure your equipment stays in optimal condition throughout its lifespan. Before you make your final selection, ask questions with lifespan in mind too.


Cost is an important factor to consider. New heating systems can cost thousands of dollars. Establish your budget and work with one of our experienced technicians to find the right furnace to suit your needs, and remain within budget too.

When will you be installing your new home heating system?

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