The Benefits of an Inverter Air Conditioner

Have you ever thought about how an air conditioner works to cool your home?

When you’re warm, you set the thermostat to your desired temperature. The air conditioner turns on full force, pumping cooled air into your home until the desired temperature is reached. Once this occurs, the air conditioner turns off, waiting, until the thermostat recognizes the inside temperature returns to a higher level, and it starts the entire process over again.

It’s an on/off, all or nothing type of a system.

The Benefits of an Inverter Air ConditionerIt’s worked well for years. But thanks to technology, there’s a better way.

An inverter air conditioner allows you to have variable speed operation which produces only as much cooling comfort needed to keep your space comfortable. It doesn’t operate at a high level on cooler days when a lower cycle speed will do the job. Think low – medium – high – you select the right speed to ensure your home stays comfortable and at the desired temperature all day long.

Already you can start to see the benefits of having such a system in place. Inverter air conditioners allow you to:

Be more efficient

This is the largest benefit of operating your home with inverter air conditioning. The compressor is one of the main components of having an air conditioner operate. The more it runs, the more energy it consumes. When it runs at full capacity, that uses a lot of energy. Because an inverter air conditioner operates at lower speeds to ensure your comfort level, it doesn’t use bursts of energy sporadically throughout the day. That saves you money on your utility bills.

Be more eco-friendly

Homeowners are constantly trying to change technology to be greener in their living space. Inverter air conditioners allow you to check that box by installing this inside your home. Because your HVAC system can operate at lower energy levels, that’s a check towards living greener. You also save by investing in the latest technology, which means you’re using more efficient refrigerant levels, which have less impact on your carbon footprint.

Be more durable

On/off technology puts more wear and tear on the mechanics of a system. It’s much easier for a system to stay operating at lower levels, changing every so slightly as needed.

Be quieter

With some furnaces, it can sound like a jet engine while starting and stopping. It takes a lot to get the mechanics operational. With lower levels of operation, the system’s sound will be quieter as it moves from speed to speed as needed.

What’s the right air conditioner for your needs?

We can help you select the right technology for your home. An inverter air conditioner might be just what you need this summer to face Colorado summers easily. No matter how much temperatures climb during the day, and drop at night, you’ll be prepared.

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