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How Your Pet Impacts Your HVAC System

Almost half of all Coloradans own a pet, with more than 27 percent having at least one dog to come home to at night.

Pets - we love them. But if you own a pet, you understand that along with ownership comes responsibility. It goes beyond feeding and spending time with them. They impact everything around you, including your HVAC system.

Pet hair

How Your Pet Impacts Your HVAC SystemIf you have a four-legged friend, you probably are used to running a broom or vacuum around your home frequently to try and keep the hair at bay. Those piles of fur that accumulate under furniture and in the corner of your room move beyond what you can see too.

Every time your HVAC system turns on, it can blow hair around a room, and eventually, it can float into your registers and vents. Once inside the ducts, it can move freely throughout, finding its way to your air filter.

The more your pet sheds, the greater accumulation in your air filters. While you might be changing them regularly to help keep your HVAC running smoothly, consider changing it out more frequently if you have a furry friend in your home. The more it operates, the more frequently you should change it.


Where is your HVAC equipment located? If it’s behind closed doors, with no chance of entering without turning a knob, you might not be at risk. But if your HVAC system is sitting out in the open, cats, puppies, and even older dogs can become bored and move in to investigate.

Prevent your pet from chewing through insulation around your unit, and possibly getting to the wiring that connects to the unit. Also, pay attention to outside units, and ensure they are blocked to prevent your pet from exploring near it, or watch them carefully as they spend time outside.

Bathroom habits

Dogs, especially male dogs, love to mark their territory. If you watch them, you might notice they follow the same trail every day, and mark the same spots repeatedly. This can be a problem with your AC unit, affecting how well it works and its longevity. The best solution is to build a fence around it to protect it from your pet.

Have additional questions about your HVAC system and how to keep it operating at its best year-round? We’re here to help. Give us a call today.

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