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Why Your Home Is So Dusty

As you walk from room to room, have you noticed your home is more dusty than usual? Have you had to pick up your feather duster several times throughout the week just to keep the dust at bay?

If more dust is landing on your tables, shelves, and picture frames, imagine what it is doing to your air supply. In order for it to fall and land on your belongings, it has to be lingering in the air. That could mean it’s impacting your health as well.

Why Your Home Is So DustyYour home may be dusty for one of several reasons.

Your air filter is dirty

When was the last time you changed out the air filter in your HVAC system? Air filters should be changed out at a minimum once a season, more if your home has a lot of activity. The air filter is what keeps the air flow clean between your ventilation system and your furnace and air conditioner. A dirty air filter means fewer particles trapped, and more dust and pollutants flowing into your home and onto your personal belongings.

You have old equipment

When was the last time you replaced your furnace or air conditioner? Older equipment may not have the power to produce conditioned air as it once did. It has to work harder to attempt the same efficiencies. Eventually, it becomes a game of determining the cost of keeping it running compared with replacing it for better equipment.

Your ductwork may be compromised

Is the ductwork in your home still functioning correctly? Like every part of your home, the ducts are only designed to last for so long. A constant supply of conditioned air means your ducts contract and expand all year long. Eventually, joints can rattle loose. Contaminants can embed throughout the system. And it can impact both how well your HVAC functions and the quality of the air supply.

Your vents and ducts may be dirty

When was the last time you had your ductwork cleaned? Years? Decades? Dust, dirt, mold, and other contaminants can blow freely throughout your ductwork. And every time the furnace or air conditioner turns on, it pushes more of it out into your rooms.

If your home is dusty, and has more dust than ever before, there’s a reason for it. It’s a warning sign that your HVAC system isn’t operating as efficiently as it once did. The best way to find out what’s wrong is with a maintenance check. Call and schedule yours today.

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