Your HVAC Equipment Impacts Your Air Quality

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home these days. We work from home. The kids attend school via online learning. Even the weekends are spent close to home, taking advantage of all the things you’ve come to love about your home.

Your HVAC Equipment Impacts Your Air QualityBut all of that time indoors may not be as comfortable as you intend. Over time, your HVAC equipment isn’t as efficient as it once was. Without regular maintenance, it can take its toll on air quality. It can

  • Allow dust, allergens, even bacteria to circulate freely through every room in your house
  • Operate ineffectively, making some rooms either too hot or too cold
  • Create an imbalance of humidity, making you uncomfortable in the process

Maybe now is the time to think about your HVAC system and make changes to help you breathe easier and be more comfortable in the process.

Your HVAC equipment might be blowing too much air

If your HVAC equipment wasn’t sized correctly, it might not be operating as efficiently as possible. That condition only amplifies as it ages. Breaks in seals around windows and doors, even opening up and heading outside more can take its toll on how well the equipment operates. If you feel like your HVAC equipment is running more than normal, it’s a good time to check everything out.

What’s that smell?

Ventilation plays an important role in your HVAC system. Without ventilation, there would be no way for your heating and cooling systems to operate as efficiently as they do. But having ductwork throughout your home also opens up the ability to have it impact your indoor air quality as well. If you notice unpleasant odors, or have a room that doesn’t heat or cool as well as others, it might be a problem with the ventilation system.

Sick building syndrome

Sick building syndrome is a term that applies to a building where people suffer from illnesses in direct proportion to how much time they spend inside the building itself. When all other reasons have been ruled out, and you notice the symptoms worsen when you spend time inside, it could be your home that’s causing the problem. That’s where an experienced HVAC technician can help. They ensure humidity is at the right levels, and that the air supply is flowing freely from room to room. They ensure leaks are fixed, and that fresh air is properly flowing in. If you or a family member hasn’t been feeling well and you can’t get to the root of the problem, an HVAC check may be in order.

Your HVAC equipment can have a large impact on indoor air quality. Before we get to the coldest months of the year, isn’t it time to find out if your HVAC equipment is working as well as it should?

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