Transitioning Your HVAC From Summer To Fall

Transitioning from summer to fall can be a whirlwind experience here across the Front Range. One day you need your air conditioner, the next you need your furnace. You move from tank tops and flip flops to pulling out your comfy sweater, all in under 24 hours.

Of course, just as soon as you adjust to cooler weather, it zooms right back up again. It can be hard on your internal comfort system. It can be equally as difficult on your HVAC system.

With just a few strategies, you can ensure your air conditioner and furnace are in top shape, ready for the wildness of Colorado weather.

Changing your thermostat

Are you the “set it and leave it type?” Normally, that’s a good thing when it comes to your HVAC system. However, when the temperatures can fluctuate 40 degrees or more in a single day, your HVAC system might benefit from having you adjust it. Turn the air conditioner off and open up the windows. You’ll love the cool breeze, and you’ll benefit from having a lower utility bill. Consider running your furnace through a cycle while the windows are open to let dust and other particles circulate. This is also a good way to test both systems, giving you ample time to call in one of our technicians if you notice any issues.

Get the outside ready for winter

Transitioning Your HVAC From Summer To FallHomeowners know the fall is the time to ready the outside for the winter ahead. Raking leaves, putting lawn furniture away, blowing the water from your sprinkler system, they are all part of the process. But don’t forget to ready your air conditioner unit too. Remove dust and debris from the unit, and check landscaping nearby. Cut back bushes and shrubs so they don’t interfere with the mechanics of the unit. Ensure furniture or other objects haven’t blocked the vents, preventing it from working the way it should.

Invest in a humidifier/dehumidifier

Did you know installing a whole house humidifier can help you stay comfortable year round? They are essential for regulating moisture levels throughout the year. Dry air can impact the dryness of your skin, and cause difficulty breathing. It can also help with static electricity buildup.

Schedule an HVAC tune up

The first extreme drop in temperature brings a rush of business our way. If you take the time to evaluate your own HVAC system when the days and nights are still beautifully fall-like, our service technicians are more available to work with your schedule. It can also help you scrambling, trying to find ways to keep your family warm as the temperatures continue to drop.

Have you started transitioning your HVAC from summer to fall?

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