This Is What An Inexperienced HVAC Technician Can Cost You

A trip to your local home improvement center can be a do-it-yourselfers dream. Shop the aisles and you’ll find projects for every room in your home. Want to update your bathroom? Toilets, vanities, and spa-like showers are waiting for you. Need new flooring? Several aisles of choices wait for your perusing.

Yet just because you can buy things in a home improvement store doesn’t necessarily mean you should consider doing it yourself. Do you have the knowledge? Do you have the skill? Because some projects aren’t made for the inexperienced person. Try some projects and you quite literally could be risking your life.

This Is What An Inexperienced HVAC Technician Can Cost YouThe same applies with HVAC technicians. You can find just about any manual and training online. If a handyman decides to offer his skills to the public, he can advertise he understands everything about HVAC equipment, when in reality all he’ll really do is make a bad situation worse.

An inexperienced HVAC technician can cost you:


If you’re not quite sure where the problem lies, you can tinker around fixing things that don’t necessarily need to be fixed. Getting to the root cause needs an inspection checklist to ensure all components are working the way they should. And that process isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Having time on the job, years of skill and experience can teach an HVAC technician how to dig deeper for a problem. They can also give you best case scenarios, and help you make the right choices based on your needs.


If you approach an HVAC problem in the wrong manner, you can be putting you, your family, and your home at risk. That’s because HVAC systems rely on high-voltage electricity to operate. If you perform even simple maintenance tasks incorrectly, you can increase the risk of sparking, burning wires, health risks from carbon monoxide poisoning, even potential explosions from built up gas.


When you install HVAC equipment, it can be a significant expense impacting your budget. That’s why HVAC equipment comes with guarantees and warranties, to protect you if something goes wrong shortly after installation. But to ensure your warranties are valid, it does require equipment to be installed and maintained in certain ways. If you don’t follow protocol, you can null and void the warranty. That can mean you pay for costly mistakes just a short time down the road.

Energy savings

If an inexperienced HVAC technician doesn’t understand all of the ins and outs of installing HVAC equipment, they may not understand how the entire system impacts efficiency either. If you install a furnace that is too large for your home, for example, it can short cycle. This makes your equipment work harder than it has to, shortens the lifespan, and makes you pay a bigger fee each month on your utility bills.

Your HVAC equipment is one of the most expensive systems in your home. Instead of turning it into a DIY project, or worse, hire an inexperienced HVAC technician who can do more harm than good, get it done the right way the first time. And ensure your home is comfortable and energy efficient all year through.

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