4 Indoor Air Pollutants You Should Eliminate Today

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that a clean house can help protect us against illness.

But while trying to keep COVID at bay, and out of our homes, we may have opened the door to something more.

It can be a battle between keeping your home clean, and selecting the right products to ensure you don’t increase indoor air pollutants, weakening your immune system even more. Top indoor air pollutants include:

Household cleaners

Have you been buying bleach, anti-bacterial everything, and cleaners that promise deep cleaning? Have you been experiencing headaches, asthma attacks, and trouble breathing? It could be in your cleaning products. Household products contain an array of chemicals that have been proven to be bad for the human body. They might clean, but they may also be making you sick. Avoid fragrances. Ammonia and chlorine are equally bad. Try a natural cleaner with baking soda, and if you do want a fresh smell, opt for essential oils. Vinegar and water can be powerful too. If you really want something in a bottle from your big box store, read the ingredients and select an eco-friendly option.

Gas appliances

4 Indoor Air Pollutants You Should Eliminate TodayYou may love your gas range, and adore your gas fireplace, but they might be making you sick. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, install one now. If you haven’t replaced the batteries in a while, do it today. It’s also a good idea to have a trained technician evaluate your appliance each year to ensure they are working correctly and still up to date.

Mattresses and bedding

We’re only starting to realize the impact of having a bed created with chemicals. This is a place you spend hours each day; shouldn’t it be the best? Dust mites feed on dead skin cells, which can build up over time. It’s important to wash your sheets at least once per week. And vacuum and replace your mattress regularly. Pay attention to what you buy; ensure that it is created with natural materials, and is eco-friendly in its production.

Dirty air filters

Your HVAC system is built with air ducts feeding throughout your home. An air filter is the first line of defense. Whatever the air flows through to move past the air filter will end up in your air supply. That can allow dirt, dust, and other contaminants to settle throughout the ventilation system, and ultimately blow into your rooms.

It may start with changing your air filter regularly, but don’t ignore the health of your ducts either. They play a big part in the health of your home.

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