7 Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Invest in LED Holiday Lights

LED lights use approximately 75% less electricity than traditional incandescent light strands and last 25 times longer. Investing in LED holiday lights reduces your overall electricity use and reduces the need to reinvest in holiday decor year after year!

Heat Your Home Naturally

There are many ways to keep your energy bills low while you stay comfortable inside! If you’re trying to save money before the holidays or just want to decrease your energy bills, try some fo these ideas:

  • Invest in a rug. Rugs help to insulate your floors as well as reduce noise!
  • Open your curtains during the day. Letting in sunlight during the day will help naturally heat your home.
  • Close blinds at night. The sun’s heat will disappear with its light—close your blinds or curtains at night to help keep the warm air inside and the chilly air out.
  • Seal drafty doors and windows. According to the EPA, the average American home will lose up to one third of it’s heat through doors and windows. Find and seal any leaks to help prevent this costly issue.

Lower Your Water Heater’s Temperature

For every 10 degrees you lower your water heating temperature, you can save 3-5% on your water heating costs! Lowering your water heater’s maximum temperature from 140° to 120° also helps reduce the chance of scalds from hot water while bathing, washing the dishes, or during other everyday uses of hot water.

It’s also important to keep your water heater in good working condition to prevent common issues such as cold water sandwiches, running out of hot water too quickly, and smelly or discolored hot water.

One of the most important ways you can save energy during the cooler months is to schedule your annual furnace maintenance. Annual furnace maintenance can save you money in the long run by repairing items before they escalate and extending the life of your equipment. Contact the team at Quality First Service Group at (720) 548-2770 to schedule your appointment and learn why “Quality First” is in our name!

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