Using Your HVAC Wisely While Staying In Place

Your home is your refuge. And even though Colorado is starting to open up once again, staying in place is still a recommended course of action if and when you can.

Using Your HVAC Wisely While Staying In PlaceThe CDC has issued guidelines for keeping the coronavirus at bay.

  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid close contact
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a face mask whenever others are around
  • Cover nose and mouth whenever you sneeze
  • Clean and disinfect frequently

That applies inside and outside your home. Good air quality is the best way to ensure you’re less likely to catch not only the coronavirus, but other respiratory diseases too.

To maintain good air quality:

Open your windows

Especially right now, when the afternoon breezes are comfortable here across the Front Range, open up the windows and let the air flow in. Not only can it bring fresh air in, but the sunshine and cool breezes can be a mood lifter as well.

Leave your shoes at the front door

Think of all the things you come in contact with outside. Why track all of that through your house, especially if it might include the coronavirus? Place a mat or tray by the door and make sure everyone removes them before entering. You might place a few extra pairs of slippers nearby so your family won’t have cold feet.

Keep the floors clean

It’s a good idea to get out your vacuum a few more times a week, and pull out your mop and clean the floors to get rid of potential threats. The good news is if you leave your shoes at the front door, you’re less likely to find dirt and debris tracked throughout your home. That’s a win/win.

Change out your air filters

Using your HVAC system wisely means ensuring it’s running at peak performance. A good way to ensure that is to change out your air filters regularly. The good news is they often come in multipacks. Buy a few extras and consider changing them out monthly, now that you’re spending more time at home.

What can we do to help ensure your indoor air quality is good, and your HVAC system is in great condition as we enter summertime?

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