Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Noise?

Every time your air conditioner turns on, does it make a new noise? There’s likely something wrong with your air conditioning unit. Fix it now, and it could be a simple repair. Wait to fix it and it could lead to a significantly larger problem, one that’s also more expensive.

Different sounds mean different problems. Use this as a guide to help you determine what’s wrong with your air conditioner.

Clicking – that “click click” sound might be an indication you have a loose part somewhere in the equipment. It can also mean that the fan is misaligned.

Testing - Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Noise?Buzzing – a buzzing noise might be a problem with the electrical unit. If you hear it once in a while, it might be a faulty part. If it’s constant, it might be a problem with the wiring. No matter what the problem is, if it’s electrical, call in a technician quickly to ensure your safety.

Humming – a humming noise might be caused by a problem with the fan motor, or a broken relay switch within the air conditioner.

Hissing – a hissing noise is almost always caused by a leak in the refrigerant line or a leak in the line from the compressor.

Gurgling – a gurgling noise usually originates with a problem with the refrigerant line. It might be air trapped within the coolant lines, which won’t happen if they are adequately sealed.

Pulsating – a gentle but continuous pulsating noise is most likely caused by a loose part somewhere in the system.

Should you continue using your air conditioner after you hear a noise? It depends.

In some cases, it is okay to let it keep running until we can get out and check your equipment. But to do so, you run the risk of further damaging the equipment. It’s impossible to answer the question without first evaluating the condition of the air conditioner.

If you hear a strange noise and aren’t sure what it is, we recommend shutting down the unit and having it thoroughly evaluated to avoid greater damage.

If you catch a problem quickly, you can prevent more damage from being done. That means easier repair, at a lower cost to you.

If you’re not sure what the noise coming from your air conditioner is, give us a call today.

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