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Why Your HVAC Impacts Your Sleep

What do you need for a good night of sleep? A cozy blanket? A firm mattress? Noise reduction?

While all of that may help you spend a more restful night in bed, there are other things that impact your sleep as well. You might know you sleep better when the air around you is a specific temperature, what you might not realize is how your HVAC impacts your sleep.

Specific temperatures mean better sleep. A study performed by the National Sleep Foundation suggests that the ideal temperature in a room for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. Body temperature naturally decreases as you sleep, helping you further relax. How warm or cold do you keep your bedroom at night? Not only can dialing back your HVAC system help you sleep better, but it can help you save money too.

Why Your HVAC Impacts Your SleepHave people living in different parts of your home? Are some bedrooms hot while others are cold? Another way to help control temperatures throughout your home is with a zoned HVAC system. Creating two or more zones in your home allows for different conditions that keep spaces hotter or colder than other parts of your home.

Better sleep doesn’t occur just with a more comfortable temperature. Other factors are at play too.

When you struggle to breathe, it means a more difficult time to stay in a deep sleep. Have you ever slept well when you’re congested from a cold? The same thing can happen if the humidity levels inside your home make it a little more difficult to breathe.

In the summer, this isn’t a huge issue because your air conditioner helps control moisture. But in the winter, gas-forced heating tends to dry out our Colorado homes. And dry air supply wreaks havoc on the way you sleep.

A good way to help make your air supply more comfortable is by investing in a whole-house humidifier. It can help create ideal living in every room of your home.

When was the last time you got a really good night of sleep? If you can’t remember, it may be time to look at your HVAC system. It’s an easy way to create a more efficient living space, one that will leave you sleeping like a baby every night of the year.

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