That HVAC Deal Might Not Be Such A Good Deal After All

How often do you receive flyers, coupon packets, or homeowner magazines in the mail, vying for your attention? As you shuffle through them, looking for things you can use, certain deals pop out.

If you know your HVAC system needs some work, you might be on the lookout for a deal. You expect it to cost a lot of money, after all. Why not look for a bargain before you make the phone call?

We get it. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that regular maintenance seems like a costly endeavor. Why not get a good deal when you can? But the thing is most coupons hide the real costs, and you could wind up spending even more in the long run. Here’s why.

That HVAC Deal Might Not Be Such A Good Deal After AllHVAC companies have to make their money somewhere. It’s called business. And if they aren’t creating a profit in some manner, they won’t be in business for very long.

Good deals in one area, may mean you’re spending more in another. Or getting less than stellar quality. Or receiving less than reputable parts.

Let’s take a look at a popular deal.

You might find a company offering a “two for one” deal. Buy a furnace, get an air conditioner for free.

Sounds like a great deal, but you won’t be able to pick and choose your equipment. These companies have pre-ordered equipment, meaning you’ll get the equipment they have purchased as a part of the promotion. It might not be the right air conditioner for your home. It may not be a furnace sized for your space. And that can be big problems for you.

Today’s furnaces and air conditioners are more efficient than ever before. But if they aren’t properly sized, they won’t work as well as they should. And that results in two problems for you.

1. You’ll pay more on your monthly utility bills. If it can’t produce the proper air flow, it may short cycle or run all the time, trying to compensate for the difference. Both cost you money over time.

2. You’ll have shorter longevity. Equipment that works harder than it should also wears out before its time. That means you’ll be replacing your equipment sooner than necessary.

Your best course of action is to find an HVAC company you can trust. Regular maintenance will ensure a long life from your equipment. It also ensures you’ll trust the estimates for repair and new equipment.

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