Are You Scared How High Your Next Utility Bill Will Be?

There’s nothing like a cozy house to come home to on a cold winter day, or a cool house on the hottest day of the year.

But as the temperatures continue to hover near record levels, that comfortable house might not be so comfortable anymore.

How high will your utility bill be the next cycle? Do you have visions of the costs climbing up, up, up until your utility bills are out of sight?

Are You Scared How High Your Next Utility Bill Will Be?You don’t have to turn your HVAC system off for good to bring down high utility bills.

Big things like investing in new higher efficiency furnaces and air conditioners can make a difference in your utility bills. But we realize that might not be in the budget for this year. There are other things you can do – smaller items that will help you control your monthly expenses while keeping your home a comfortable place to live.

Turn off the lights. Yes, this one simple task can help cut down costs. There’s no reason to light up rooms you aren’t using. If you haven’t changed to LED, that can continue to cut down on costs when the lights are on.

Lower or raise the thermostat, depending on the season. Every household has averages – what’s yours? Now take those temperatures and bump them up or down a few degrees. For example, if you consistently leave your home at 72 in the winter, bump it down to 70 or 68. Even a few degrees can make a big difference.

Never shut down vents or registers. It seems like a smart thing to do, but it actually causes problems with your HVAC system. When it was originally designed, the ductwork was installed for optimal flow-thru. By shutting down vents and registers, you’re prohibiting the HVAC system from functioning according to plan. It can add stress to the equipment, which adds more repair costs over time.

Operate ceiling fans. Did you know they can make your home more efficient in all seasons? Use a ceiling fan to cool down in the room your in. Flip the switch in the winter and help push heated air back down towards the ground.

Have an energy audit. People are often surprised where their homes are inefficient. Energy audits are the perfect way to flush out areas where even minor improvements can make a big difference. You don’t have to make the changes all at once; use it as your guide to add to your home maintenance list over time.

Whether you’re ready for an energy audit, want a tune up for your heating and cooling equipment, or just need an answer to a question, we’re here to help.

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