Your Summertime Air Conditioner Checklist

Did you know that air conditioning wasn’t introduced for residential use until the 1950s? Imagine not having this modern-day appliance to help keep you cool on the hottest of summer days.

Today, when the temperatures start to rise, it’s nice knowing that we can flip a switch, and cool air will fill our homes immediately–lowering the temperature in a matter of minutes. And thanks to new innovations in AC technology, we can keep our homes cool and use less energy in the process!

But what should you do when temperatures are rising steadily, and your AC isn’t cooling your home like it used to? Follow these tips to give your air conditioner the DIY care it needs and deserves this summer:

DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

  • Replace your air conditioner filter – The easiest way to breathe new life back into your AC unit is to replace the filter. Filters keep debris out of the system. During summer and winter (when your HVAC system is likely to see the most use), you should replace your filters at least once every 90 days. So starting with a clean filter each season will help keep your system operating at its best.

    Pro tip: replace your filters more often if you have pets that shed a lot or if you rely on your air conditioner every day.

  • Clean your air conditioning unit – As you clean and maintain your yard this summer, be sure to keep your air conditioning unit clean as well. Use a brush to remove dirt and spray the exterior with a hose to keep the outside unobstructed. Trim plants that surround your condenser and try to keep a clearance of at least 3 ft on each side for optimum airflow.

    If your lawn is undergoing any major landscaping projects, try to ensure any debris or landscaping materials aren’t encroaching on your unit.

  • Check condensation lines – The condensation lines should run clear and be kept clog-free to avoid damage to your AC unit. If you notice puddling or ice formations, it’s time to call in an HVAC expert for repair.

  • Spot check your house – Are there spots in your home that never seem to be as cool as the rest of your home? Many things can cause your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to: inadequate insulation, inefficient doors and windows, and leaking air ducts.

    Problem areas like these can cause your air conditioning unit to run longer than needed, which increases the wear and tear on the equipment and shortens its lifespan. Solving the problem as soon as possible ensures your equipment is in top condition throughout the summer season.

When Should I Call an HVAC Professional?

No matter how new, high-tech, or innovative your cooling system is, if not serviced properly, it will contribute to higher energy costs and compromise your comfort. A well-maintained air conditioner will make sure you’re cooling your home as efficiently as possible.

While certain maintenance tasks can and should be completed on a regular basis by the homeowner, more serious issues require experience and specialized training. Call a professional if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Strange sounds (rattling, hissing, clunking, or whistling)

  • Air from unit feels warm instead of cool

  • Unusual odors

  • Temperature inside doesn’t match the thermostat setting

While there are a number of DIY tasks that are safe for you to perform yourself, when you’re facing a major issue such as these, it’s best to contact a trained professional. Neglecting your heating and cooling system or not caring for it properly can increase your energy loss and put your equipment at an even greater risk.

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