Regular Cleaning Tasks To Ensure Indoor Air Quality Is Good

How much time have you spent indoors the past few months? Thanks to stay-in-place, we’ve all become very familiar with the inside of our homes.

Now think about all the things going on inside your home. How many times do you clean each week? What products do you use? Do you open the windows and doors to let fresh air in?

What condition is your indoor air quality in?

While you might not think much about it, there are many reasons you should. According to the EPA, indoor air quality can impact our health in many ways. And since most of us spend as much as 90 percent of our time inside, your health may depend on it.

The sun is shining, and the temperatures are climbing as we move into summer. But that doesn’t mean your house will be a healthier place to live. If you move from heating to cooling, your indoor air quality may get worse instead of better. What can you do?

Regular Cleaning Tasks To Ensure Indoor Air Quality Is GoodGive your house a thorough spring cleaning. This means every inch, from the floor to the ceiling. Wash or dry clean drapery. Vacuum and rotate your mattress. Be sure to vacuum up any dust bunnies from the corners of the floors and ceilings.

Dust. Dusting is often thought to be one of the worst jobs in the home. The moment you’re done, it starts settling in once again. Pay attention to how much dust accumulates each week. If you notice an uptick in the amount, it could be coming from your HVAC system. A dirty air filter won’t catch as much as it moves through the system. It could also be a sign that your furnace isn’t working the way it should, or your ducts have accumulated dirt or other pollutants that are now moving into your air supply. It’s best to replace your air filter, and have one of our technicians inspect your system now.

Take your shoes off at the door. Think of all the places you go and things your shoes get into as you walk around outside. Do you really want that tracked all over your carpets? Instead, take them off at the door, and place them in a tray or on a rug. Have slippers nearby to keep your feet comfortable as you walk around inside.

Cleaning might seem to be a chore. But isn’t it nice to know your home is cleaner, and you have less chance of picking up germs and viruses with better indoor air quality?

We can help. Give us a call today for a full inspection of your HVAC system.

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