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How Your Air Conditioner Removes Humidity

Colorado has a very dry climate. That may be why you moved here, why you prefer the Rocky Mountain summers.

But even here in Colorado, monsoon season kicks in and you suddenly feel the humidity rise outside. And if you’ve ever traveled to the midwest in the heart of the summer, you know what humidity truly is.

You’ve heard the phrase: It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Humidity weighs on you, making it feel hotter, stickier than what the thermometer shows. That’s because humidity hangs onto the heat more than dry air.How Your Air Conditioner Removes Humidity

Part of an air conditioner’s job is to remove the humidity from the air, to make it cooler on the inside.

When it works correctly, it takes in hot outside air supply, and blows it over the evaporator coils in the air conditioning system. This separates the moisture from the air as it condenses. This condensation is collected in a pan and drained outside the system. While dehumidification is an important part of the air conditioning process, it isn’t the main intent of an air conditioning system.

Here in Colorado, we use our heating and cooling systems interchangeably throughout the year. It isn’t unusual to see a record high day followed by an unseasonably low temperature all in the course of twenty-four hours. That means your air conditioner and furnace may all come to life in a very short period.

If the two aren’t working their best, it can be hard on your inside air supply. Plus, in the winter, humidity levels may drop to all-time lows. That’s why many HVAC professionals recommend whole-house humidifiers to ensure humidity levels are at their proper level all year long. These devices ensure you have proper moisture in the air to help with respiratory issues you or a family member may have. It can also make your house healthier, reducing the chances of warping wood or things like peeling wallpaper.

Are the humidity levels correct in your home’s air supply? Is your air conditioner doing all it can during the heat of the summer?

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