What’s Causing A Noisy Furnace?

Bang. Clank. Rattle.

Has your furnace developed a noisy habit? While a noisy furnace may be keeping you awake at night, it’s also a sign that something may be wrong. Don’t ignore it, determine the cause and what you can do to fix it.

There are several common noises a furnace will make, alerting you to potential problems.

What’s Causing A Noisy Furnace?Scraping – this sounds like metal hitting metal, and comes from several different sources. It could be a loose or broken blower wheel, or a broken motor mount. Any of these can cause vibrations, scratching noises, or even banging sounds. Because of the potential harm any of these can cause to the various components inside your furnace, it’s best to shut down your equipment altogether and let a professional fix it before starting it back up.

Banging – do you hear the noise more when the furnace starts or stops? This sudden burst can cause the siding to bend inward, resulting in a popping or banging sound. This may be caused by an undersized duct, closed vents, or a clogged air filter.

Squealing – your furnace needs regular maintenance, just like other appliances throughout your home. A loose belt can cause squealing. If parts aren’t lubricated and turning correctly, it can also produce a high pitched sound.

Thumping – any thumping or vibrating sound is a result of a problem with the blower wheel. The motor has fallen out of balance, and is causing inefficiencies, or even damage deep within your system.

Rumbling – this deep rumbling sound is most likely a problem with your burner. To avoid further problems, call in a professional to get to the root of the problem.

To keep your furnace working its best, it’s important to perform regular maintenance at the start of each season. Because we’re all spending more time than ever at home, change out your furnace filters regularly, possibly monthly in busy households.

And if you notice any unusual sounds, call in a professional sooner than later. Fixing a noisy furnace quickly can save you bigger problems down the road.

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