How To Buy A New Furnace To Meet Your Heating Needs

Is it time to buy a new furnace? If your furnace recently quit altogether, and no longer produces warm air, your answer may be a resounding “yes.” But if your furnace still works, albeit not as good as it once did, you might have more questions than answers.

Furnaces are expensive. And if you can get one more year out of it, isn’t that always your best choice?

Furnace average 16 to 20 years of life with proper care and maintenance. But that doesn’t always mean that’s the right choice for your needs.

How old is your furnace?How To Buy A New Furnace To Meet Your Heating Needs

Let’s start with age because it’s the easiest step to analyze. When did you last replace your furnace? The older it is, the more sense it makes to replace it before it shuts down altogether.

If you aren’t sure, there are easy ways to find out. Does your furnace still have a pilot light? High efficiency furnaces have been around for over two decades. A pilot light signals your furnace is reaching its end of life, and it’s time to start thinking about replacement. You can also look up the make and model online.

Is it causing more problems than it’s worth?

A furnace works every day during the cold, winter months, and it does so without problems. It’s designed to keep your house at a specific temperature, working in conjunction with signals you send from the thermostat. As it ages, parts wear out, problems occur, and you’ll find yourself calling in a maintenance technician more often.

One of the best ways to keep your furnace working its best is to have it checked yearly before you turn it on for the season. A technician will look for potential problems, upgrade parts that are worn, and provide you with information on keeping it working its best.

Pay attention to any changes in the heat exchanger, as this can be a serious problem. A leak in the heat exchanger can allow toxic carbon monoxide into your home, which can be dangerous, or even deadly.

How would you benefit from a new furnace?

If you do have a technician evaluate your furnace each year, you’ll keep it operating at its best. You’ll also understand how well your equipment is running, and learn more about newer technology.

This arms you with knowledge, and help you budget for upgrading your system in a timely manner. Rather than waiting for it to die, and you need emergency installation services, you can be diligent in doing your research and making the best decision for your family.

You can select new equipment after careful consideration, rather than accepting the first offer that comes through.

Whether you’re ready to buy a new furnace, or you’re still evaluating the lifespan of your current equipment, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to evaluate your furnace today.

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