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Your Furnace Is Changing From Year To Year

One of the things that make your home so inviting is the warmth it delivers throughout the year.

Heating in its basic sense has been around for centuries. Early civilizations relied on fireplaces in the middle of the home to warm all rooms. Coal gave new life to home heating around the turn of the 20th century, allowing homes to be bigger and warmer than ever before.

Today, heating technology has improved significantly. You may have a gas-forced furnace operating inside your home to keep you warm all winter long. But is it as efficient as it could be?

Efficiency is the first thing homeowners think about when it comes to heating technology. While how much you pay each month on your utility bill is a driving concern, there’s more to it than that.

Do you feel the same comfort level in every room, on every floor?

Your Furnace Is Changing From Year To YearDoes your furnace operate quietly, or do you feel as if you have a jet engine inside your house?

Today’s technology is built to provide a warmer, more comfortable home, and to do so quietly.

Furnaces are changing. Can your furnace do this:

Variable speed technology - today’s high efficiency furnaces often come with variable speed blowers. These allow a furnace to blow heat into your home at different rates to meet your comfort demands. This can help eliminate hot and cold spots.

Multiple stage technology - older furnaces have two operating modes: on and off. High efficiency furnaces have multiple stages to help make your home more comfortable, and to save money by only using the amount of energy you truly need.

Blower delay - have you ever felt a blast of cold air at the start of each cycle? That can be annoying when you’re already chilled. A blower delay stops that blast, assuring your home only received conditioned, heated air.

Are you ready to find out how furnaces are changing? We’re here to help you keep your home the perfect temperature, no matter what the weather outside is doing.

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