How Are You Heating Your Home As The Temperatures Drop?

On a 90 degree day, it may sound counterintuitive to start talking about heating your home. After all, the only thing you’re thinking about is cooling down.

But in a matter of weeks, the nights will grow chilly, and we’ll face our first snowfall of the year. The coldest day may not be far behind. And in Colorado, the coldest day can dip well below freezing, well below zero, in some cases.

To stay warm, no matter what’s happening outside, it’s important to keep your heating equipment in top condition all season long. And you can start the process now, before the first snowflake falls.

How Are You Heating Your Home As The Temperatures Drop?There are three types of heating systems: furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. While a lot of Coloradoans use gas-forced heating, any of the three can be used to help heat your home. The important thing is that they are well checked and in good condition, especially as the temperatures continue to fall.

As the temperatures fall, what we recommend:

Set your home at a comfortable level, and then leave your thermostat alone. As the temperatures dip below zero, bump the heat up a couple of degrees, and leave the thermostat at that setting. When it gets ice cold outside, leave your temperature up even at night. This prevents your system from struggling to get back up to temperature in the morning.

Constant up-and-down movement is one of the hardest things on a heating system. Using a programmable thermostat gives you better control, no matter what the weather. However, when we see temperatures dipping down way past zero, put it on hold. Keep the heat a bit higher to prevent it from growing cold in your home.

Replace your filter often. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep your heating system running smoothly. Have an extra supply and change it out regularly, especially when you and your family spend more time at home.

If you have ceiling fans on, reverse the fan blades and keep them running all season long. They will redistribute the heated air back down towards the floor.

Check all registers and air vents to ensure they aren’t blocked and are allowing a full stream of air to flow through and into your home.

While you should never heat your home with your oven, stove, or grill, when you do cook, it can help add warmth to your living space. That’s why planning a hot home cooked meal on the coldest days of the year works well. A big pot of chili simmering on the stove for a few hours can satisfy you on many levels.

One of the best ways to ensure your furnace is heating your home well is to schedule an annual maintenance visit now. If your furnace is repaired and in good condition, you’ll be less likely to have problems as the snow starts to fall. Call and schedule yours today.

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