Better Heating and Cooling With HVAC Zoning

Have you ever complained about varying temperatures throughout your home? The kitchen is too hot, while you can never seem to get the bedrooms warm enough?

It may be time for HVAC zoning.

Today’s home interiors are impossible to regulate without HVAC zoning. Go back in time, and it was easier to control temperatures when floor plans only had a room or two. But in today’s homes, we have multi-room, multi-level layouts that we try and heat and cool with only one furnace and one air conditioner.Better Heating and Cooling With HVAC Zoning

The sun beats into each room at different times of the day. Some rooms are designed with open concept in mind, while others are hidden away behind closed doors.

That’s why HVAC zoning systems were created. With a zoned heating and air conditioning system, instead of setting one temperature for your entire home, you can establish different temperatures for different regions of your house. Each zone has its own set of controls, meaning you determine the perfect temperature for each region.

Multi-zone HVAC systems have many benefits, the biggest being increased energy efficiency. A multi-zoned HVAC system isn’t that different from what is probably installed in your home now. The biggest distinction is dampers are installed within the ductwork to control heating and cooling to different parts of your home. Each zone also comes with its own thermostat and control panel, so that you can determine the perfect temperature in each zone.

Of course, it takes more than adding a damper here and there. That’s why using one of our trained HVAC technicians is imperative to make sure we fully analyze your home and make the best choices for your situation. We ensure each member of the family has the ability to get the proper settings for their needs.

Ready for a more comfortable home this winter? Let’s start by performing an energy audit, and determining the right systems for your needs.

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