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Your HVAC System May Be Out Of Date

How old is your home? When was the last time you replaced the components of your HVAC system? Depending on your home’s age, your furnace and air conditioner may be reaching end of life.

Your HVAC system isn’t something you want to grind to a halt, stop working, before you consider replacing it. Emergency replacement is never the best solution as it almost always comes on the hottest or coldest days of the year.Your HVAC System May Be Out Of Date

Your HVAC system may be out of date simply because of age. Today’s models are more energy efficient than ever before. They are held to a higher standard for efficiency, which means they’ll save on your energy costs every single month. They also are better at keeping your home the temperature you desire.

Like every piece of equipment on the market today, technology has advanced HVAC systems over the years. With today’s furnaces, you’ll find a variety of improvements that can really make a difference in comfort and energy costs.

Variable speed technology - When you invest in high efficiency furnaces today, you’ll often find they come with variable speed technology. This technology does what its name implies - it has variable speeds to meet your comfort needs. This means you can operate your furnace at a level needed to keep your home comfortable day and night. It leads to a better mix of air flow, getting rid of those hot and cold spots once and for all.

Multiple stages - Traditional furnaces had two stages of operation - on and off. Today’s technology can operate at many different stages, giving you options for how to control your heating and cooling solutions. This gives you better comfort at a more affordable price tag.

Blower delay - Do you hate that small burst of cold air that comes through your vents when your furnace first turns on? Blower delay features the ability to recirculate the air supply, so all you get is warm air when you want it most.

Like these HVAC system ideas? We have a lot more. Whether you’re ready for your annual maintenance visit, or want to discuss options for making your HVAC system more efficient, give us a call today. We’re happy to share our ideas on how to make your home as efficient and comfortable as it can be.

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