Upgrading Your HVAC? Have You Considered This?

When was the last time you thought about upgrading your HVAC system? It’s not something that occurs every day. In fact, most homeowners may only purchase two or three new HVAC systems in a lifetime, given that we move as frequently as we do.

Heating and cooling equipment is designed to last for years. Go into some homes and you might find furnaces twenty, even thirty years old, still working hard to warm the air supply.

Think for a moment about where technology was thirty years ago. Think about all the changes we’ve made to home improvement, and you’ll quickly see why upgrading your HVAC technology could make a vast difference in both how comfortable your home is as well as how much you spend on your utility bills.Upgrading Your HVAC? Have You Considered This

Systems manufactured today can increase energy efficiency considerably from your old unit. If you are considering upgrading your HVAC system, consider these things:


When you speak with an HVAC technician, they’ll give you different efficiency levels as options. Air conditioners measure efficiency through SEER ratings, furnaces through AFUE ratings, and heat pumps measured using HSPF. Going with the highest rating isn’t always in your best interest; it depends on what’s right for your house set up. Your HVAC technician will carefully evaluate the way your house operates and make the best suggestion for you.


Green technology is no longer just a buzzword. Lowering your environmental impact is an important step homeowners attempt with every purchase they make. Depending on how old your unit is, it may still use refrigerant called R-22, which the CFC has determined has ozone-depleting properties. Today’s air conditioners use R-410A, which is much better for the environment.

Indoor air quality

Most of us install new HVAC equipment to control the temperature of the air. But HVAC systems do more than temperature control; they also help keep your air supply fresh. Better HVAC systems mean cleaner air supply. Their filter systems can do more to ensure you’re breathing clean air.

Have more options

What if your heating and cooling options weren’t simply on and off? Variable speed, multi-stage, modulating – these are just a few of the new features available on today’s technology. What it means for you is the ability to eliminate hot and cold spots throughout your home, making every room perfectly conditioned. It can also mean reducing noise levels that typically are associated with older models.

Have questions about your heating and cooling system? Is this the year for upgrading your HVAC technology? Let’s explore higher efficiency technology together and help you find the perfect system for your needs.

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