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Sneezing and Coughing May Be Caused By Your HVAC

It’s wintertime. No matter how much Coloradoans love being outside, when cold weather hits, we invariably spend more time inside.

According to the EPA, the average person will spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Yet indoor air quality can be more polluted than out. What can you do to make your indoor air as healthy as it can be?Sneezing and Coughing May Be Caused By Your HVAC

First, start with your furnace filter. Don’t buy the cheapest product you can find, or worse, forget to change it at all. Mark your calendar if you need to, but plan on replacing it at least every season, more if you have a busy household. Upgrade to a higher efficiency furnace filter that will trap more pollutants and allergens in your air supply.

When was the last time you had your duct work inspected? Out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind. Air flows through your duct work year round. Cracked or leaks can allow air to flow into places it shouldn’t, such as your attic or crawl space. Contaminants such as mold or insects can grow over time. The only way to ensure your duct work is doing its job is to have an HVAC technician inspect them periodically.

Next, be conscious of what types of chemicals you bring into your home. Cleaners and fresheners often have toxic chemicals that are released into your air supply. As you spray them into the air, they land on surfaces and continue to move every time your HVAC system turns on.

Finally, it’s important to ensure your furnace and air conditioner are working the way they should. Schedule a maintenance visit at the start of each season to ensure your heating and cooling equipment are working the way they should. This twice a year visit ensures minor repairs are fixed, equipment is cleaned and checked, and your HVAC system will be working the way it should throughout the coming season. It can help prepare you for when you need to start thinking about replacing your furnace or air conditioner.

Have you scheduled your maintenance visit yet?

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