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How To Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Set Correctly In The Fall and Spring

There's a saying in Colorado: If you don’t like the weather, stick around for a minute and it’ll change.

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know how true that is. In the spring and fall, temperatures can change drastically in a matter of minutes. The wind can kick up and what started out as a nice warm day can quickly turn into a blizzard.

That can be confusing for your body to adjust to. It can also be a nightmare for your HVAC system. Do you need your air conditioner or your furnace? How will your thermostat be able to handle the changes? Is there a way to make sure your thermostat is set correctly to handle these wild conditions?How To Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Set Correctly In The Fall and Spring

Non-programmable thermostat

If you still have an old, non-programmable thermostat controlling your heating and cooling, it’s hard to keep up with weather conditions. If you play with the temperature controls all day long, you’ll pay more in the end through your utility bills. At a minimum, select a temperature and stick with it all day long. If you want a more efficient solution, install a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats give you more options for setting it and leaving it. Depending on how sophisticated your model is, you can often select different settings every day of the week. You can set your weekday schedule for the workweek, and change it up on the weekends when you can sleep in. Why have your heating or cooling run to temperature when you’re gone for the day at school or work?

Smart thermostat

Want even more control over your furnace and air conditioner? Consider upgrading to the latest technology. You don’t have to worry if your thermostat is set correctly because you’ll be able to control it from anywhere you have internet access. If you change your schedule or make other plans, a quick tap on your app can ensure your HVAC equipment only runs when you’re there to enjoy it. If not, you can go into energy savings mode and reap the rewards by paying less on your utility bills.

Is your thermostat set correctly for energy savings and comfort control?

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