Homeowner Mistakes That Impact Your HVAC and Increase Your Utility Bills

Most homeowners have two goals when it comes to their heating and cooling systems.

1. They want it to work properly in all weather conditions

2. They want the equipment to last as long as possible

Yet even with those goals in mind, homeowners continue to make basic HVAC mistakes that shorten lifespan and create a less than comfortable living environment. Do you make any of these mistakes?

Playing with the thermostatHomeowner Mistakes That Impact Your HVAC and Increase Your Utility Bills

You’re hot; you adjust the thermostat. You’re cold; you tap the thermostat up or down, depending on the time of year. Every time you adjust the thermostat, your furnace or air conditioner kicks into gear. It cycles more, and can have shorter cycles if you adjust it before completion. This can wear down your equipment faster, as well as raise your energy costs.

Close vents and registers

It sounds reasonable to close off vents and registers if you’re not using a room. Yet your HVAC equipment was designed with a ventilation system to properly heat and cool your entire living space. If you shut down a small part of your home, your HVAC equipment has to compensate for the blockage. It works harder than it has to, as well as short cycling as it produces too much heat. This can also happen if you stack boxes, or place furniture in front of vents or registers. Take a quick walk around your home to ensure all are operating correctly.

Adding landscaping materials that interfere with your air conditioner

When your air conditioner was first installed, it had a clear path around it. Yet over time, you may have planted bushes or shrubs to hide it from view. Is the landscaping interfering with air flow? If a plant grows too large, it can grow into the condenser and wreak havoc on parts and components. This can result in costly repairs.

Equipment covers

While it may make sense to cover equipment when not in use, to keep it clean and free from debris, if you leave it on while in use, it can reduce air flow. This overheats the system, reduces lifespan, and makes the equipment run harder than it needs to.

DIY repairs

Some projects are perfect for homeowners. Others aren’t. HVAC repairs fall into the latter category. HVAC technicians go to school to learn how to operate and fix equipment. They attend additional training to become more efficient as technology continues to increase. They carry licenses ensuring they know how to operate HVAC equipment properly. Hiring a skilled technician is the only way to ensure your HVAC system is running the way it should.

Not scheduling routine maintenance

The worst mistake you can make is assuming everything is running the way it should if your furnace or air conditioner turns on at the start of the season. A lot of changes occur throughout the year. Yearly maintenance visits can catch minor issues before they turn into bigger problems. This saves you from costly mistakes, possibly even having to replace your equipment before its time.

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