It’s Time To Schedule Your Pre-Summer Tune Up

This time of year, Denver is at its best. We have blue skies in abundance. Flowers are popping out everywhere. And in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is shining, it feels like the middle of summer.

Wait a minute. That’ll change. Don’t get too excited about spring cleaning yet. We may still have a few snow storms left.

And while you might still be cranking up the temperature in your home a few more weeks, you’ll also be ready to dust off your air conditioner too. Only in Denver can you use both your furnace and your air conditioner many days throughout the spring.It’s Time To Schedule Your Pre-Summer Tune Up

If you’ve already turned your air conditioner on once or twice this season, you might be thinking it’s too late to have a pre-summer tune up. Think again.

The days will only get warmer from here. And that means you’ll begin using your air conditioner more and more. The benefits of calling in a professional to tune up your air conditioner will allow you to reap more savings all season long.


A Tune Up Will Help You Lower Your Energy Bills

Your air conditioner works hard to keep your home the temperature you demand. It costs money every time it turns on. If it’s not working in peak condition, it takes more energy to produce the same results. The harder it works, the more it costs you in the form of utility bills.

A Tune Up Will Help You Avoid Repairs

The hotter the temperatures get outside, the harder your air conditioner works to keep the temperatures cool on the inside. If your equipment hasn’t been tuned in a while, it has to work harder to maintain those temperatures. That means belts wear down, parts wear out, and your entire system may shut down in the process. While a tune up may cost you, repair work is more costly, and can come at the most inopportune times of the summer.

A Tune Up Will Help You Maximize The Lifespan Of Your Equipment

As a homeowner, your job is to maintain every aspect of your home. That means you have lots of “honey do” projects to fill your weekends all year through. Nothing can be more frustrating than having things wear out before their time. That costs you more money in the long run, and gives you ways to spend your money you weren’t expecting.

A properly maintained air conditioner will give you the longest life possible.

Have you scheduled your air conditioner pre-summer tune up yet?

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