How Old Is Your Furnace? Here’s How They’ve Changed

Head back to the 1800s and most homes were heated by wood. As we moved into the 1900s, coal was introduced as a more efficient way to heat the entire home. Yet like wood, coal was a messy endeavor. Coal had to be delivered to your home and often dumped into the basement via a window. Environmentally friendly it was not.

But it did introduce the concept of a forced air furnace. Coal was used as a heat source, and an electric fan was used to distribute the heated air through ductwork within the home. From where a lot of homes came, the idea of using ducts to heat different rooms in a home was a big deal. Houses got bigger. And we began to grow into the society we know today.How Old Is Your Furnace? Here’s How They’ve Changed

Our methods of heating have changed since the 1940s, when furnaces morphed into what we have today. Gas forced furnaces have grown in efficiency, and continue to change all the time.

But efficiency isn’t the biggest thing you gain by replacing old furnaces today. You also gain comfort. Technology has given way to the ability to heat those portions of your home you want to heat, and keep other parts cooler, just the way you like it. And if you want quiet, these new models deliver.

Today you’ll find:

Variable-speed technology – if you focus on finding high-efficiency models, you’ll also get variable-speed motors. These provide technology to allow the speed to change depending on the comfort level you desire. This gives you better air flow, which reduces hot and cold spots throughout your home.

Blower delay – have you ever shuddered at the initial blast of cold air that releases from a furnace before the warm air kicks in? A blower delay assures your ducts are warmed before releasing hot air into the ducts and having it flow out into your room.

Multiple stages – depending on how old your furnace is, you might have two stages of function: on and off. Have you ever wished you could control the levels of air flow, similar to how you operate your car? Invest in a multiple stage furnace, and have the ability to control capacity to directly meet your needs and desires.

Of course, that’s just touching the surface of what you’ll find in today’s marketplace. If your old furnace is on its last legs, maybe it’s time to see how a new one could make your home a warmer, more comfortable, more efficient place to be.

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