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Why Your House May Need A Humidistat

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A humidistat is a device designed to measure how much moisture in the air.

The device itself is fairly simple. It has a sensing element that reads signals and gives accurate humidity levels from inside your home. Depending on the reading, it will turn on the whole house humidifier if the air is too dry, or turn it back off once the humidity level is achieved.

If you’ve ever purchased a portable humidifier for a bedroom, they frequently come with t humidistat too. It operates to ensure the room isn’t over or under humidified. It monitors the humidity level near the machine, but not outside of the room or anywhere else in the home.Why Your House May Need A Humidistat

With a whole house humidifier, the unit is connected up to your HVAC system. The humidistat will adjust the valves, dampers, and other switches in the HVAC system to regulate airflow and control the humidity throughout.

You can also wire the humidistat into your thermostat. When your air conditioner turns on, it will register both the temperature and the humidity levels separately. The thermostat won’t turn on the air conditioner if the temperature is high, but the humidity level is low. It ensures both are regulated for your ultimate comfort.

There are several reasons for having a humidistat.

One, it’s economical. If your humidity level is kept at an optimal level, it means your HVAC equipment will operate less.

Two, your home will be more comfortable. Ever had dry skin? Or felt the uncomfortable dryness in your throat and nose? Even if your air conditioner is working hard on the warmest of days, it can dry out the air supply more than necessary.

Humidifiers work to keep both the air temperature and the humidity levels at a comfortable level. They also are energy efficient as air with a comfortable level of humidity makes you feel cooler and allows you to adjust your thermostat accordingly. And when your humidity level is set to the right levels, it’s also better for your health. No more allergy attacks, dry skin, or frequent colds due to lack of humidity.

Yes, even in Colorado, controlling both the temperature and the humidity can help keep you and your family comfortable year round. Let our professional technicians help you install a humidistat and take control over the conditions in your home now.

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