How Much Power Is Your Air Conditioner Using?

Do you dread the first warm day because you know your air conditioner costs you money? Does your utility bill shoot higher during the summer because of the inefficiency of your air conditioner?

Your air conditioner is a power-hungry machine in the warmest months of the year. On average, it uses around 12 percent of energy consumption in your home. That rises here in Denver, especially as we head full swing into the warmest months of the year.

Maybe it’s time to do something about it.How Much Power Is Your Air Conditioner Using?

Turn your air conditioner up a degree

What’s the difference between a 70 degree room and a 71 degree room? Not a lot, right? In fact, most people don’t notice the difference. Whatever you were use to last year, turn up your air conditioner a degree this year and you’ll automatically be more energy conscious and save money in the process.

Automate your schedule

When you’re in charge of adjusting your thermostat, you tend to bump it up and turn it down over and over again. When you automate it, it tends to be “out of sight, out of mind.” Invest in a smart thermostat and you can program it according to your schedule. What’s even better is it learns over time and increases savings.

Keep ducts clear

With centralized air, your home utilizes the ventilation system that weaves throughout your house. If the ductwork isn’t efficient, if the vents are cleaned, or are blocked by drapery or furniture, your air conditioner is going to have to work harder to produce the correct amount of air. At the beginning of each season, sweep through your home eyeing each vent, ensuring it is producing airflow and it’s not blocked off from use.

Change air filters

A clogged air filter means air isn’t getting through and your system is working harder than it should be to produce the right amount of cooled air for your home. Be sure to change them out at the beginning of the season. Depending on your lifestyle, it may benefit you to change them out more frequently, once a month during use.


Depending on how old your air conditioning system is, an upgrade may reduce your air conditioner power consumption and save you money in the process. Most air conditioner units run at full speed, all the time. An upgrade to a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioner allows the air conditioner to operate at different speeds, giving you greater savings on the cooler days of the year. It can even help you set up different zones in your home, cooling the spaces you use most.

Are you ready to make your air conditioner power-friendly this year?

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