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What Should I Do With A Noisy Furnace

Do you have a gas or electric furnace? Both can face a slew of problems that make your HVAC system run inefficiently.

But one problem might get your attention more than the others. When your furnace starts making odd noises, it’s hard to miss. It can be annoying. It can be downright scary! What’s a homeowner to do?

It depends on the noise.

Do you hear a buzz or hum? If at all possible, follow the sound to its origination point. It might end up at an electrical connection. If that’s the case, call in a professional to determine the next step.What Should I Do With A Noisy Furnace

Do you hear whistling? A whistling sound usually happens when air can’t circulate the way it should. When the furnace attempts to bring in air and can’t, it forces air in any way it can, including through gaps and holes. You can start by replacing the filter, but a professional will need to be called in to determine the depth of the problem.

Do you hear rattling? A rattling noise typically means metal is vibrating from somewhere within the equipment. That may mean a bolt is loose or a part is broken. The longer the equipment is allowed to operate in this condition, the greater risk you are putting your equipment in for further damage. Get it fixed quickly to stop more extensive problems down the road.

Do you hear squealing? It may be the belts on the furnace blower are wearing out. They wear down over time and need to be upgraded to prevent a whining or squealing noise.

Do you hear popping from the vents?

This sound often comes as the system is starting up or turning off. This is often just a normal process of the duct work expanding and contracting as it heats and cools.

Not sure what the noise coming from your furnace really means? We’re here to help. Give us a call today and we’ll help you determine what the noise coming from your furnace really means, and offer service you can trust.

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