It’s A Cold Snap – Your Furnace Is Working Too Hard

It’s A Cold Snap - Your Furnace Is Working Too HardOn a cold winter night, nothing feels better than a warm home. But as the coldest winter temperatures have been recorded this year across the US, not only are utility bills going to skyrocket, but it has also brought into question of how to keep up with demand.

As the temperatures fall, the last thing you want happening is for your furnace to fail. Yet most people think very little about their furnaces until the problems start occurring. They also don’t have an understanding of what model and make of heating equipment is installed, nor do they have any idea how energy efficient it is.

Will you be ready for the next cold snap that settles across the Front Range? Or will your furnace give out when you need it most?

An overworked furnace rarely provides heat in an efficient way. But with a little planning, you can ensure your furnace isn’t working harder than it has to.

Controlling your thermostat

The best way to control your costs throughout the winter is to use your furnace only as needed. When you aren’t at home, turn down your thermostat. At night while you are sleeping, turn it down. With today’s technology, you can program it according to your schedule, and even control it via an app as well.

Controlling cold airflow

Do you have leaks and drafts around your home? Is your home properly insulated? If you haven’t updated your windows and doors, or have adequate insulation in your attic, your heated air could be quickly moving outside.

Controlling airflow through vents and registers

Do you know where all of your vents and registers are? Are any of them blocked by furniture or drapery? Your registers and vents were installed to help keep temperatures even throughout your home. By blocking them or turning them off, you are taking away the efficiency of your heating system.

Controlling your furnace’s maintenance

Like every appliance in your home, eventually, your furnace needs a little TLC to work proper. For a furnace, that means changing out the air filter on a regular basis. It also means the occasional tune up to ensure malfunctioning items continue to have impact on your heating system. A once a year visit from an HVAC technician can make sure your furnace is there for you when you need it most.

Are you ready for the next cold snap? If you’re worried about the way your furnace is acting, schedule your maintenance call today.

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