Ready For Some HVAC Tips For Fall?

Can you believe it’s “that” time of year again? Summer’s fading away. Cooler nights are upon us. Back-to-school routines are settling into place.

Of course, that means your energy usage is changing right along with it. All of a sudden, your furnace and air conditioner are competing for which one will be used more during the day.

Is your air conditioner as efficient as it can be?Ready For Some HVAC Tips For Fall?

Is your furnace?

This is the time of year you can’t ignore your air filter. It’s had a lot of activity all summer long, helping your home stay cool as the temperatures creep towards three-digits. Now that you’re using both heat and air to stay comfortable, it’s working harder than ever to ensure clean, filtered air is making its way throughout your home.

At the very least, change out your air filter at the start of each season. For a busy household, once a month may be even better. The US Department of Energy states that the simple act of regularly changing out your air filter can save you as much as 15 percent on your utility bill. It’s an easy chore that can save you money.

But it’s not just for the money. Changing out the air filter can make your air cleaner too. If any member of your family suffers from allergies, a poor functioning air filter can exacerbate the situation.

While it’s easy to change out the air filter on your own, leave the tune-up to a professional. As a part of a seasonal tune-up, an HVAC contractor will make sure your entire system is operating the way it should. They’ll change out belts and worn out parts, as necessary, and make sure everything is in top shape and not causing problem with the way your equipment operates. For example, they will check for leaks to ensure your system isn’t at risk for carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is difficult to detect, yet can cause severe health issues. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector in place.

This is also the time to make adjustments to your thermostat. Have you upgraded to a programmable thermostat? Or upgraded further to a smart thermostat? Upgrading will ensure you never forget to adjust the thermostat before heading out to work again. You can program it to your normal weekly routine, and have full control via an app when things change.

When installing your thermostat, be sure it’s placed away from registers, away from drafts or heat sources, and never has sunlight streaming on it during the day.

Is an HVAC tune-up really worth it? It’s the perfect way to determine if your furnace is operating at its optimal level. An HVAC contractor will provide cleaning and ensure everything is functioning properly. This will help extend the life of your equipment, and ultimately lower the cost of how much you’re paying for heating and cooling.

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