How Long Will Your HVAC System Last?

Your heating and cooling systems are essential to maintaining your comfort throughout the year. They are also one of the most significant investmHow Long Will Your HVAC System Last?ents you’ll make when it comes to home improvement.

If you’ve lived in your home for more than a few years, you might start questioning how long will your HVAC system last. It’s one of the most frequent questions we get. And while there isn’t a straightforward answer, there are guidelines within the industry.

On average, most heating and cooling systems will last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Of course, there are a few factors that impact those numbers.

It depends on the manufacturer of your furnace and air conditioner. Like other appliances, some brands are better made than others. If you select a high quality manufacturer, the odds will be in your favor of having a furnace and air conditioner live a longer life.

It depends on how well you maintain the system from year to year. You wouldn’t think of operating your car for years without adding oil and adding a new filter. Likewise, your HVAC equipment operates better when it receives regular maintenance. A qualified and experienced HVAC technician understands what to look for to ensure your equipment is operating at its optimal level, and can make repairs to ensure it’s working efficiently for you throughout the season.

It depends on proper installation. Not only should you have a certified and experienced HVAC technician install your HVAC equipment, but you should also ensure they install the proper size for your home. If equipment isn’t sized properly, it won’t work as efficiently every time it turns on, which means it will put stress on the equipment and wear out faster.

Typically, a furnace needs to be replaced once the heat exchanger wears down. It’s one of the most critical parts to your furnace, and once it leaks, it’s expensive to replace. A poorly maintained piece of equipment can begin to show its wear years earlier, meaning you’ll have to replace it years before it’s normal life expectancy.

How old is your HVAC equipment? When is the last time you scheduled a maintenance visit?

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